Samsung ATIV Book 2 NP275E5E Drivers Download

Download Drivers Samsung ATIV Book 2 NP275E5E - The Samsung ATIV Book 2 275E5E comes with a as Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) designated combination of processor and graphics unit of AMD. The AMD E-Series E2-2000 has two cores and provides a clock speed of 1.75 GHz. Thus, the basic laptop for simple jobs such as office tasks or Internet sessions qualified. Processes that are costly and intensive multitasking overwhelm the cheap computer. Are as working memory, in the price range properly, 4.096 MB installed. The storage capacity of the hard drive is good sized with 500 GB. Compared to only slightly cheaper netbooks can be found in the case of the mobile computer and a multi-format DVD burner. 
Good display
Good working conditions for the move creates the Samsung ATIV Book 2 275E5E by a 15.6-inch display. The matte screen surface ensures that even when working in bright lighting conditions annoying reflections are suppressed on the display. The display area is equipped with an energy-saving LED backlight and has a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. For the graphical concerns the internal processor solution AMD Radeon HD 7340 is responsible. The CPU supported by a video decoder in the preparation of films. For current games but it is unsuitable.

Great priceDevelopers have the Samsung ATIV Book 2 275E5E equipped with a 0.9-megapixel webcam, so that the user can stay in touch on the move via video call with family, friends and colleagues. Gigabit Ethernet LAN is not on board. Instead, the user has to be satisfied (10/100) in the wired network, coupled with reduced data throughput of Fast Ethernet. Also, USB 3.0 is not supported. All three USB ports of entry-level notebooks are subject to the slower 2.0 standard. With the wireless technologies WLAN 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 is the compact computer for the wireless network and the hardware connectivity without wires well prepared.
Samsung ATIV Book 2 NP275E5E for windows xp, 7, 8, 8.1 32/64Bit Drivers Download
Samsung ATIV Book 2 NP275E5E

Samsung ATIV Book 2 NP275E5E Drivers Download For Windows 7 32Bit and 64Bit :

Bluetooth, ATHEROS
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 110.63 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 19.25 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 5.25 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Qualcomm Atheros WLAN Driver
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 74.78 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Sound (Audio)
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 121.08 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 249.89 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

VGA (Graphics), AMD
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 314.96 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Easy File Share
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 31.93 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Easy Migration
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 41.79 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Easy Settings
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 191.78 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Easy Support Center
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 115.04 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

Recovery Solution
Windows 7(32bit,64bit), 104.98 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

MS Hotfix Common
Windows7 SP1, 3.26 MB, ZIP, MULTI LANGUAGE

MS Hotfix Critical Updates

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